if you have any questions or issues with your order, please look through the page below to find an answer / solution. If you still require assistance, you can contact our support team by and we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Strip lashes

How do you remove strip lashes?

Add water to a cotton swab to help loosen the glue. After working the cotton swab around the base of the strip lashes, gently peel off the strip lash starting with the outer corner of the eye.

Can I use mascara with strip lashes?

While it is not typically necessary to use mascara with strip lashes, it can be used to create a fuller more dramatic look. We recommend using our mascara as it is specially designed for use with strip lashes. Also, be sure to curl your lashes first then apply a thin layer of mascara before applying the strip lashes.

Can I reuse strip lashes and if so how many times?

Yes. They can be reused if removed and cared for properly. After removing the lashes, be sure to gently remove any old glue that might be left on the band of the strip. Gently removing the glue will allow for a better bond the next time they are applied. To maintain the lash shape, be sure to store the strip lashes in a tight container.

What if glue gets in my eyes?

If available use a wet cotton swab to gently wipe out the glue and then flush the eye with water if necessary.

What should I do if I experience eye irritation?

Remove the lashes immediately and the irritation should stop. Flush the eye with water if necessary.

Orders & Payments

Where can I find your products? How can I place an order?

Just visit the homepage and scroll down to browse through all the available products. You can click “Shop Now” to open each product page and read more information about the product - to select the ones you would like to purchase just use the “Add to Cart” button. Once you are done shopping, just select your Cart on the right side of the main menu and click “Buy” to proceed to the checkout page and place your order.

Is M Lash products sold at any other retailers?

No, just our online store.

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay via Card (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal.

I have enough money available so why won't my payment go through?

If you are using a card, quite often the issue is with your bank and the fact that you are making an international purchase / they may not recognize my domain. Please get in touch with them to resolve the issue or try using another card or payment method.

Where is my order/dispatch confirmation email?

Please check the email account used to complete your order. Your order confirmation email should be there but if you can’t find it please:

  • Remember that confirmation emails may take up to 24 hours to reach your inbox.
  • Try checking your junk / spam folders.
  • Search your email account for Star Lash or the name of the item you ordered.

Your dispatch confirmation email will be sent to you shortly after your order has been shipped by our warehouse. Orders take 2-3 business days to be processed.

Can I change my order?

We will unfortunately not be able to make any amendments to your order after you have placed it with us. Please double-check your order before completing your purchase.

What can I do if I entered the wrong delivery address?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any amendments to your address after your order has been placed. Please double-check your address during checkout as your order will be delivered there and you will be responsible for retrieving it.

If your order is returned to us due to non-delivery or incorrect address, it will be automatically cancelled and refunded and you will need to create another order again. You will not be refunded for postage as we have incurred the cost sending you the order.

What can I do if I made a duplicate order?

If you have purchased the same products more than once please contact our team immediately by submitting a ticket and see if they can cancel the duplicate order for you. Please note that we cannot guarantee cancellation requests will be successful as this depends on the status of your order when your request is reviewed. It can take our team up to 48 hours to review your ticket and by then, your order might already be fully processed.

Shipping & Tracking

What delivery options are available and how much does shipping cost?

Please visit 

What happens if my order cannot be delivered?

In the event of any failed delivery, your order will be cancelled and the cost of the items you ordered only will be refunded to the card used at checkout, once your order is sent back to our warehouse.

Where is my order and how can I track it?

Information regarding this should be included in your dispatch confirmation email which should arrive shortly after your order has been dispatched. If you cannot find any tracking information in this email please contact our support team.

My tracking number is not working or saying pending?

Tracking is dealt with by the courier company and we do not have any control over delivery once a parcel has left our warehouse. Occasionally, online tracking may take a while to update, but if the problem persists please call the courier company as they might be able to provide more information about the location of your order.

Why is my item taking longer than specified?

All deliveries are handled by our chosen courier services. Therefore we cannot give you a specific answer, however the following situations can sometimes cause deliveries to take a little longer.

  • Busy courier service depots can sometimes get so busy that parcels at delayed whilst they wait to be scanned and processed.
  • If you are located a long distance from the depot it can take an extra 1-2 days for items to be delivered. The further you are, the longer it takes by road.
  • International orders can face delays whilst being checked at customs, then passed to different facilities before they make it to your address.
My order has been marked as delivered but has not arrived?

If your order has been marked as delivered but is not in your possession, please check with your concierge and/or neighbours, as well as your local post office/ depot. Your courier may have forgotten to leave a missed delivery card.

Refunds & Returns

Can I exchange / return my order?

Unfortunately, we do not accept exchanges or returns. This is according to our terms and conditions. Any returned parcels sent by the customer without acknowledgement from a member of the support team will not be returned/exchanged or refunded. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support.

What can I do if my product is faulty?

Should you receive a product that is defective or has a fault, we will happily look into offering a resolution. Please contact our support team with the following information:

  • A full description of the fault
  • Photographic evidence attached

Please note issues of this nature need to be reported to us within 30 days.