M Soy Candle - Beauty

Signature scents for your space.

Our candles features a serene blend that leaves you feeling comforted and relaxed.

What it is:

Now your room can smell amazing Light up, wind down with one (or both) of our signature scents, and let them take you away.

  • Housed in the chicest glass vessels, they were designed to be special mementos that can be repurposed long after the candles are gone. Use them to hold flowers, hair ties, toothbrushes, pens and yes, makeup!
  • Consciously-crafted with wicks made out of natural fibers, these candles were made with a vegan, non-paraffin, soy-and-coconut blend that has a burn time of up to 45 hours.


Cruelty Free
Smells great
  1. When you light your candle for the first time, let the entire wax surface melt before putting it out—this will ensure nice, even burning as you continue to use.

  2. Due to the natural composition of the soy-and-coconut base, the surface can have a marbled appearance and the fragrance may take time to fill up a room. This is normal and won’t affect your candle’s burn. After all, good things are worth waiting for.